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Client Reviews

Hypnosis can help you, too.

There's a good chance you will see me again for some hypnotherapy. Your sessions have given me hope and a clearer path to increasing my confidence and decreasing stress/anxiety in my life.
Many thanks,

Diana L.   10/04/2021

Good morning Betsy, I just wanted to tell you that you do an amazing work and that you have helped me out enormously, I was able to bring down my migraine intensity this morning with the technique that you taught me. I appreciate you so much! You are a true blessing for me!

Magdiel B.    9/20/2021

Thank you for coming to Frisco. You have changed my life. During this pandemic my panic attacks went through the roof. With your help, I can function and SLEEP! I can't thank you enough!

 Junee F.       10/5/20

"I was really nervous about going to see a hypnotist. I guess because I have seen too many movies. I am a really good student, I have a high grade point average, I go to a really good high school and I have been working with an SAT tutor. I know the stuff, but I freeze up the minute that I walk into the testing site. My hands get sweaty, my stomach feels sick and I can't calm myself. I felt the same way walking into the hypnosis office- really, really nervous. After my first appointment I felt a huge sense of relief. Betsey walked me through the process, made me feel totally at ease and I was soooo relaxed when I left the office. I have one more appointment before I take the next SAT in February, but the tricks that I have learned have already made taking exams at school much less threatening. Thank you! I will let you know about my next SAT results."

Kate W.     1/12/18

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